I apologize if you feel something

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So this is an awkward come back. Here I am on a freaking .ro domain, writing in English about… the UX of things. I previously wrote here about where to buy the best TVs. And my adulthood dramas. And probably some other weird shit. Now UX?!


Because too many people seem to forget it. We’ve managed to go so long, to adapt so well to such dumb stuff all around us that we don’t see anymore what’s wrong and how we should fix it.

You might be familiar with UX from your local MacBook wielding designer. You might be familiar with UX from a training that your company once provided you with. Or maybe you do some UX research or design yourself. Good for you! I’m actually here to talk about the user experience of things. Yeah, sites and apps are still things. Eventually. But I’m more interested in the concept as a whole.

That door knob that’s always opening in the least expected direction. That color code you never quite understood. Those directions that didn’t make any sense the first time you heard them. Nor the second. Nor the third.

This is the content that I’m aiming for. I’ll debate the usability and the experience of the day to day life, the shocks, the letdowns and, why not, the examples of our generation.

This is going to sting a bit. To some it might seem unreasonable. To others foolish. To others a waste of time. And maybe there’s also a bunch of people seeing this as unintelligible crap.

So I apologize if you feel something after reading the contents of this blog. I really am sorry.

P.S.: Yes, I’m a fan of Bring me the horizon. Yes the name of this post was inspired by the first song on their new album. Go listen to it.

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