God is an UX researcher

Time: 5 mins read

Think about it. It all makes sense. He builds his first product, names it Adam. Flawed, but kinda cool. There are a few areas of improvement here and there.

He then builds Eve using part of the Adam’s code. Second iteration, much better than the first.

So then He thinks to himself: “Let’s see how these two run in a real life scenario. Let’s say in a…garden. Only one random rule to see their behavior: they can’t eat any apples from that one tree in the middle.”

So with that, God basically created a script for this first UX test. He built two lookalike users and let them loose to see what they do in his interface. I mean…his garden.

Of course the users went to the one place they shouldn’t have gone and did exactly the thing they shouldn’t. But I mean, as a researcher, didn’t God expect this the entire time? He must have had some hypothesis written somewhere and some objectives for his project.

I’m pretty sure us failing test didn’t surprise anybody. I’m not even sure we can call it a failure. It’s just an invalidated hypothesis. Now God knows the human’s behavior.

So then what’s all this next part with the whole punishment act? Well, from what I’m guessing (I really wasn’t there to see), God had different treatments prepared for different outcomes of this test. And I presume ours just happened to be the more drastic one.

Several eons later, here we are. Still kicking, still under the same segment. The ones who ate the freaking apple. Those guys whom now need to be fed grief and pain and death because they are the users for which that treatment works best. Because it all can generate hope and love and ponies in the end.

Kinda begs the question: did God actually stop the testing with us? I presume not. He must have had other iterations. I would. And I’m just a mere human. But I expect He was curious enough to make a v3 and test that one out too. Or a v4. At least a v4.

If so, then what behaviors did those other users have? Where did they end up? And with what treatments?

Plus, I wonder if God doesn’t revisit his old researches from time to time. You know, to play on with the standard formula. Mix it up a bit. Add a plague or two here and there, sprinkle some breakthroughs in science or medicine. Some variation just to see how we cluster or if there are any behavioral changes.

So what’s the teaching in all of this? Well, for starters this free will that we were build with is a bitch. Especially if your creator is an UX researcher.

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