The Hateful Eight Review

The Hateful Eight is western mystery movie directed by Quentin Tarantino that is out right now in the cinemas for you to enjoy. It is presented in an episodic manner, summing up 6 chapters and a stellar cast, comprised of Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russel, Tim Roth and even Channing Tatum.

This is a classic Tarantino movie that picks up slow, builds up the intensity and then delivers a big, gory spectacle at the end. In my oppinion, the trailers actually presented the movie in a very different light than what it really is.

I remember seeing the second trailer of this movie when it came out and thinking: boy, this is gonna be another Django Unchained, when, instead, this movie seems more similar to something like Reservoir Dogs or Jackie Brown.

Tarantino builds the action really really slow at the point that where it starts to get a bit painful. You get to know the characters, you get to see them run through the snow, chased by a blizzard, you get to see them setup a rope and iron sticks from a tavern to a toilet, you know, the normal things that you would like to see from a western movie.

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Actually, The Hateful Eight reminds me quite a lot of And Then There Were None novel by Agatha Christine. It is the kind of story where the viewer seeks out the hidden murderer in the midst of a bunch of colorful characters.

To shed a bit of light on the action, the general plot is as follows: two bounty hunters that meet up on a snowy mountain road bring a woman to hang for an unknown reason. Because their carriage was chased relentlessly by a blizzard, they stop at a tavern that one of them knew in hopes of camping there until the blizzard passes.

Instead, they meet inside several peculiar characters that seem harmless on the surface but might jeopardize the two man’s mission. As the bounty hunters spend their time inside the tavern, people start to get killed and it’s up to them to figure out what in the world is going on.


Like in any Tarantino movie there is a lot of talk back and forward about stuff. There are running gags all over the course of the action and the audience gets its comic relief often.

Also, since it’s a Tarantino classic, shit hits the fan at some point and guts start to pop. And even though the gore is rather standard, there is a scene in this movie that shocked me a bit; and it’s not even related with gore, but rather racism and the payback for being a racist.

The Hateful Eight is full of undertones and social commentary. You have your standard exploitation themes, racism, politics, slavery, distrust, morals and even a bit of history and sarcasm thrown in there for good measure.

The location and the scenery is absolutely stunning and I’m actually surprised they had the balls to film this movie under so rough weather conditions.

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The characters are caricatures of different stereotypes, some of them funny as hell, others ruthless and without remorse.

The Hateful Eight is a good movie. It’s not the greatest Tarantino ever did, but for sure it’s a throwback to his previous works. It’s paced awkwardly, it drags it’s action and setups quite a lot of atmosphere, but that’s what Tarantino is all about anyway.

And, of course, if you thought this movie is about peace and prosperity, then you’ll get your shocker moments near the end of the film just for you to remember that Quentin don’t fuck around.

If you’re  not familiar with Tarantino’s work, maybe you should brush up a bit before seeing this one, but, as a movie lover and goer, you should definitely check this one out.



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