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Superhot is a first person shooter and puzzle game (if you can imagine) developed independently by a team called simply the “Superhot team”. And while first person shooters are really boring nowadays, Superhot manages to shake things through its mechanics, story and gameplay which are more or less one of a kind.

We all heard and experienced to some degree slow mo in games, movies and even music.

So, the question is now, can we experience any more surprises from this “slow-mo”?

Well, the answer is yes. In Superhot, time moves forward if you move in the game’s world. So, theoretically you’d be super safe if you just stay put. Also you’d be super boring if you do so.

But, let’s start from the beginning.

The story it’s somewhat similar to something you would see in Matrix. You start off in front of a computer screen running Norton Commander or some MS-DOS operating system and a “friend” helps you hack into this game where you just shoot red glass like bad guys while under the rule that time moves if you move.


Boom! Headshot!

As the story unfolds and you become more and more addicted to this “game”, you realize there’s something much more sinister going on.

What I really like is that the game has the balls to throw you out at some point. Literally force quit, just for the sake of the story. I had to restart the game to continue. For me, that was amazing. I haven’t seen anybody pull this off in such a creative manner. So, kudos to the Superhot team for thinking outside the box on this one.

Graphics wise, the game looks really minimalistic. White environments, red enemies and black weapons. That’s it. Color-coded to perfection. But the details are in the physics. Because you get to see all bullets fly towards you, you get to doge them, you get to shatter your enemies in thousands of pieces of glass and it’s so much fun doing that.


Say hello to my little friend!

The graphics, the sound effects, the ominous, futuristic music in the background. It all works. In a meaningful, entertaining way.

Going forward to the guns, here I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to do all the things we saw in the trailers. You get your standard pistol, double-barreled shotgun, semi-automatic and…katana going on, but that’s pretty much it. I wish I could have seen more weapons and more destruction. Plus, I wasn’t able to cut bullets mid-air with my katana. The concept video is a lie! Or I am a noob at this.

In fact, the whole game seems to be a bit rushed towards the end. Like there was a big chunk of it cut off for some reason. And yes, Superhot, you are forgiven for all your sins just because you are so entertaining, but c’mon man…give me something here.

superhot katana

Katana supercut

I hope there’s a Superhot 2 coming the following year because this game truly deserves a sequel. With more action, more types of enemies and things to do.

The game’s length if you put your energy to it is about 4-5 hours max and, afterwards, you can start fiddling around with endless mode and compete in leaderboards over your local internet connection.

For me, Superhot can be described in just one way: innovation. While big studios just rethread the same time mechanics and create standardized experiences, Superhot is able to pull off something much more daring. It’s got a disturbing story, it’s got a weird an alluring plot, excellent graphics and sound effects and a 5 stars gameplay. So why not support this game instead of the triple A titles out there?

It’s totally worth your money. So my recommendation is to go out and get this one on Steam because it truly is: SUPERHOT, SUPERHOT, SUPERHOT.

superhot bat



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