Music to my ears – Part 1

So I’ve decided to continue my musical adventures on Pixelozoid in English. You’re probably wondering why I switched to this language. (It was going so good, Paul, why, why?!).

Well, the short answer is because of those damn video reviews I’ve been putting out recently. I wanted this blog to be enjoyed in full by all and, of course, it is said that my brain thinks in English. So here we are…English text for my gents and lovely ladies.

If you don’t know yet what this series is about, the RO counterpart was called “Muzica auzita pe ici pe colo” and you can find all the entries here. I’ve gathered quite a few tunes along the way, you should totally check it out 🙂 .

But that’s not why you’re here, are you? So let’s dive right to it. Here are a few of the latest songs that shine good vibes onto my ears each day and that I want to share with the world. Because…they just sound so good:


N u a g e s – Dreams

This is the type of song that you’ll want to hear when you’re in a more meditative state, to get the juices flowing. To me it sounds a lot like trip hop and it’s close to Saltillo, which is another musician I am very fond of. It’s slow, it’s shy, it’s etheric and it gives you something to think about afterwards. A truly stimuli of the senses.


Alessia Cara – Here (Lucian Remix)

Now, I normally don’t listen to trap, but by God this sounds really good. I may have been corrupted by Skrillex and his dubstep from the hard rock path that I was on, but to be honest, Here by Alessia Cara doesn’t sound half bad for my taste. And you can actually bang your head to this one too.


Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite (Andrew Luce Remix)

The second Trap Nation entry in this list is, for now, the last. But I couldn’t make this post without including Kid Cudi. I just loved Pursuit of Happiness; and Day ‘N’ Nite is right up there with the first one. It’s sad, it sounds great on some bass speakers or headphones and it’s about stoners. What more could you possibly want?


MisterWives – Our Own House

Discovered in the first days of 2016 from a Vine I saw, Our Own House made my day a bit shinier. And while it is a bit hipsterish for my taste, I can’t deny I feel quite energized while listening to this nice piece of music.


Chet Faker – Gold

Yes, those girls are hot as hell. Yes, the choreography is great. Yes, those ARE 4-wheeled roller skates. Now, about the song: it really sounds great, don’t you think?! That is… if you can hear it, of course, and don’t get distracted by the previous things I just said. Chet picks up slowly, but delivers all the right moves and notes. Good work, man, good work!


Nine Inch Nails – Hurt

Returning closer to the roots, I’ve heard this song the first time at the end of Rick And Morty Season 2 (which btw I consider to be a great show. If you wanna know more, I reviewed season 1). The song fit so well with what was going on at that time and it stuck with me. So, obviously, I had to listen to it again and again! So, here we are, in the industrial rock genre with Nine Inch Nails, Hurt.


Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime

I have never heard Coldplay be so merry. Not even Viva la Vida doesn’t sound as joyful as this song. To me, Adventures Of A Lifetime sounds closer to something Maroon 5 would put out. When comparing it with Clocks or The Scientist, songs which were really deep and cold, this one makes me giggle and dance.


Seether – Same Damn Life

This song was brought forward in my playlist by the smart algorithms of Youtube. And I can’t be more thankful for it. I haven’t listened to Seether since he was singing Remedy, but it’s good to be back on track. And even though it is a very energetic and silly video, the song’s message just makes me cry a bit inside. But then again, it’s Seether.


Limp Bizkit – Walking Away

Another band which I thought to be dead and gone, Limp Bizkit, shows that it’s still alive and kicking in the era AC (after Clinton) with songs like Walking Away from their 2011 album Golden Cobra. While I get that I discovered this fairly late, I can’t just ignore it. That guitar intro is just too delicious and Fred screaming is always something to behold.


Bring Me The Horizon – Throne

Finally, we’re right back in the middle of modern rock bands. And while this song sounds very similar to what you would expect from BMTH, I couldn’t deny the fact that this track got stuck on repeat multiple times. Plus the video is really pretty to look at.

Until next time, don’t forget to use that 3.5 mm jack wisely 😉

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