Music to my ears – Part 5

Winter is still upon us, outside is dark and cold; so let’s get warm with some good loud tunes in our ears. This time, the playlist goes from the melancholic snowflake, to the the blistering blizzard. And just like the beginning of the year, it’s a transition. A bit of new, a bit of old. Reinvented for the future. Let’s dive in.

Imagine Dragons – Believer


I admit it. I was looking at the Super Bowl 2017 commercials and saw Nintendo Switch’s 2 minutes TV spot that had this song in the background. I immediately felt in love with it.

To be honest, for me at least, this is right up there with Radioactive. Instant classic, sounding playful, yet a bit sad. Just right up my alley.

 Asking Alexandria – Moving on

In the beginning I wasn’t really a fan of Denis, the “ex-new” bearded lead singer of this band. I got to know Asking Alexandria through their latest album The Black, which contained a change in the lead singer’s identity: the well known Denis left the band and instead came Danny – a shrieking teen, with a voice that resembles the likes of Bring me the horizon. But then I discovered Moving on and I instantly liked the style of Denis. Now I can’t even remember the number of times this tune went on repeat during a work day. It’s good, less screamed, more sang metalcore.

Haterade – Warmonger

This song had me at “What…the fuck is that?”. And for those of you who want to learn a thing or two, that’s a line taken out of a classic movie: Full metal jacket. I like Trap Nation songs and among them, Haterade seems like a winner.

Of Mice & Men – The Hunger

Yup, Of Mice & Men are back with a new album called Cold World. And while the songs resemble the old album (Restoring Force) quite a lot but don’t really live up to it, there are a few notable tunes to keep handy. I like The Hunger best, also Pain and The Lie.

Little Wolves – Lost My Mind

Another great song from the world of gaming. Used by Sony in their PSX conference in December 2016, this song has been hunting me ever since. It’s like..I’ve lost my…mind?!

Amber Run – I Found

I…I don’t know. From the moment this song starts, I can’t do anything to stop it. I just sit and stare into a wall and hear it until the end. It is by far the saddest song on this list. But I have to appreciate the perfect mood it creates. It’s a song that makes you weep and think at the same time.

Partizan – Perfect

Say what you will, but this is a great old song, a rockish remake of a classic. It takes it’s time, it sets the Balkan mood. And then it hits you. Strong and wild, like the Romanian spirit 🙂 .

Asking Alexandria – Send me home

Second song from these guys on the list, but it’s totally worth it. It reminds me of a cold, sunny winter morning, just before Christmas. An empty, dirty city seen through the stained glass of a tram, leading nowhere else but home.

Madcon – Don’t Worry feat. Ray Dalton

Ending on a more positive note, this is how I felt through the passing between the years. A fresh new beginning, with some great things to look forward to in 2017. And, of course, no more worries.


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Until next time, stay warm and party all night long.

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