Music to my ears – Part 4


It’s the 100th post anniversary. Yes, that is right, ladies and gentlemen, I wrote 100 posts since I started this thing! Is that a lot? Is that too little? Well, it’s as much as I could do up until now. So, what better way to celebrate a new milestone than with some good music?!

It’s autumn, so we’re gonna go a bit dark on this one. A bit cold. A bit neon. We’re going to indulge in some of the best songs I picked up since I last published such an article. Let’s jump right in it.

Reality off. Music on.

The Weeknd – Starboy ft Daft Punk

Yes sirs, the meister is back. This mofo had a great debut last year with a lot of cool pop songs talking about a great deal of stuff: from drugs to alcohol, from sex to more sex. You know, entertainment for the kids. But I gotta say, this track from his new album is lit. And controversial too. He cut his palm tree! He’s even got lots of symbolic mumbo jumbo in his video that made people say: Illuminati confirmed and all that jazz. To be honest, I don’t go that deep with the thinking and just enjoy the new catchy song where mr. “I don’t know how to spell right” here just tells us why he is so much better than all of us working people. Classy.

Asking Alexandria – The Black

Holly shit, demonic kids. Well yeah, but you gotta admit that this is an awesome song. It sure sounds like Satan’s bride just got her period in some parts, but hey, these guys need to let off steam somehow, right? All in all a good change from what I was used to and with as much emo as I could take in one listening.

Hellions – Hellions feat. JJ Peters and Real Bad of Deez Nuts 

Another crazy song, with a crazy video. But to be honest I’m really pumped by it. Just hearing it gives me a rush of adrenaline and makes me wanna run or break something off. So I guess it’s good for working out too 🙂

Twenty one pilots: Heathens

If you’ve seen the Suicide Squad movie, then you probably heard this song already. It’s part of the official soundtrack. I like it mostly because of it’s eerie tone and lyrics, sometimes childish, sometimes disturbing. But, to be completely honest, at the end of the day it is more or less mainstream. Somewhat like the movie’s ambitions. (Burnt!)

Bastille – No Angels (feat. Ella)

I like this song quite a lot simply because it’s one of those melodies that you hear once, forget about it completely then randomly remember it in the bus and can’t stop until you find it and listen to it a 1000 times. And it has snippets of dialog from the original Psycho movie included in it. You can’t beat that!


Bring Me The Horizon – Doomed

This is an excellent song from BMTH. It starts slow, it’s a bit trippy, but then it hits you with a great electric guitar sound and some sweet vocals. BMTH is one of those bands that has grown on me since I first heard them one year ago. And even though they’re grim as fuck, they have a certain energy and style which makes them cooler then other similar bands. At least in my opinion.

Eminem – Rap God

No, I did not run out of ideas. I actually placed Eminem as the final song of this list. Because nobody does it like Marshal Matters. I swear, there are some bits of this song that are sang so fast I literally can’t compute the message properly. And yeah, this song is 3 years old. But then again, I haven’t seen anybody beat this guy’s rapping in 2016 yet.


So, guys, girls, that’s it, the 100th post. Hope you liked the tunes, hope you liked my posts so far too. Cheers for the next 200 :).

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