Music to my ears – Part 3

It’s  summer again and I just got a few tunes to keep you cool this time around. And I’m willing to share.

Old and new, just like the faces you see when you’re strolling down the beach, with a beer in your hand. So, get that sand off you and prepare your water resistant headsets ’cause here we go:

Seeb –  Breathe ft. Neev


On an usual day I do not listen to this genre. I’m usually more into rock and soundtracks for that matter. So how did this make the list?

Well, that’s simple. Because it’s that good! For some reason, I consider this song to be really atmospheric. The way the lyrics flow, the sound, the beat. This is not a happy song, it’s actually a really sad one. And sensual. And it reminds me of waves washing up on the shore. Plus, it kinda got me at “…you’re killing me over love” 🙂 .


Red Hot Chilly Peppers – Dark Necessities


They’re back. And I mean it. The new album from RHCP sounds just like their older stuff. Maybe that’s a bad thing, maybe that’s a good thing. But they’re back, still! I’m really glad I get to listen to some more songs from this jolly band of madmen. They are genuinely talented people and crazy af. Because you know…dark necessities are part of my design too.

And…is it just me or the intro to this song sounds fairly similar to Can’t stop?!

Skrillex & Alvin Risk – Try it out (Neon Mix)


I think this song is at least one year old. But damn, does it sound fresh!? I like that it starts really slow and etheric, setting up the mood. Then it blasts you with everything it’s got. The video for this song is also a plus. It’s got energy, it’s got good vibes. And a lot of dub. Woop woop!

Die Antwoord – Baby’s on fire


These guys are quirky as hell. But they are a good band nonetheless. I figured this summer it’s time to listen to some South African talent and I picked up Die Antwoord. What I got in return is…indescribable. A pastiche of violence, sensuality and sheer madness. First thing that strikes you when you listen to Die Antwoord is the chick’s voice. Of course. Then the crazy rapper dude and all the crazy shit that he’s doing. Then their funny Afrikaans accents. But weirdly enough, it works. It all works. And they got me hooked on this techno beat, this techno beat, this techno beat.

Tool – The Grudge


Even though Tool by itself is a great band, this song in particular gets an extra value from this video on YouTube, featuring a short animated film called Backwater Gospel. The lyrics, the action on the screen, they all fit together perfectly, especially towards the end when things get darker.


Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling



In my opinion the, the definitive feel-good summer song of 2016 is from Justin. And yes, I can’t stop the feeling that this song is just jolly. It reminds me of Pharell’s Happy. It’s got the same energy going on. Carefree, but still grounded. Fun, but still meaningful in it’s own way. I like the new Justin, I liked the old Justin. Hope he’s back to stay.

Bonus round

Game of thrones OST – The Winds of Winter


For all you GoT fans out there, season 6 started with one of the best scenes in TV shows history. And with one of the best songs. Titled The Winds of Winter, this masterpiece sets the right tone for all that is coming in this last great episode of the show. For now, at least. I hope you like it.


Until next time, get them feet deep in the sand 🙂

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