Music to my ears – Part 2


Step right up folks, it’s time for another music medley post. Long time coming, if you’d ask me.

So without further ado, we’re going to take a look into what’s been playing in my ears for the past few weeks (if not months even).

Tool – Right in two



I discovered Tool this year (yeah, yeah, I know it’s been around since…forever) and this is the song that just stuck with me. Along with The Pot, which gets an honorable mention as well.

For me, Right in two is the perfect mix of music, visuals and a thought provoking message contained in the lyrics. And I was also certain that the lead singer from Tool is actually the same guy from A Passive Circle. Seems he actually is, ha!

Panic at the Disco! – This is gospel (Piano version)



Another band that I’ve discovered recently is Panic at the Disco!. Again, I know I am slow in discovering these bands šŸ˜› . So no judgin’, mkay? Now I get all those songs usedĀ on Vine. But comparing it to the others,Ā I think that This is Gospel, the Piano version gets the big cake. It’s just…a really nice song that makes us want to start piano lessons. Or eat.

The xx – Together



The xx managed to impress me yet again with a track that I now listen to obsessively. Besides the catchy rhythm and that awesome guitar, I really like the way The xx sing. It just feels like…like they actually are really affected by the things going on in the song right when they sing it. And that gives the experience a whole new level of depth.

IAMX – No maker made me



After two albums that I used to know by heart and a few others that were only partially remarkable in my opinion, IAMX strikes gold again with his new album Metanoia. And the catchiest song inside for me isĀ No maker made me. Dark, depressing but so freaking energetic, IAMX’s sadness just makes you happy šŸ˜€ .

Smashing Pumpkins – 1979Ā 



I know this song because it’s in the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies ever: Clerks 2. And even though I like the darker stuff from Smashing Pumpkins, it’s good to see they have some lighter songs too. A bit sad, a bit happy, a bit whimsical, this song reminds me of the pastĀ long gone and the fun we had in it.

Shinedown – Cut the Cord



Also called “that song with Freedom, LaLaLa” in the lyrics, Cut the Cord is just another banger that gets stuck in your head all day. It starts strong, has some catchy parts, the voice of the lead singer reminds me of Metallica, so what’s not to like?

Syd Matters – Obstacles



This is one of theĀ songs from Life is Strange that stuck with me for a long period of time. And even though it isĀ much better when linked with the action in that game, it’s just as good when you take it stand alone.

Seether – Nobody praying for me



Once again, Seether makes his way in this list, this time with Nobody praying for me. It’s a really serious song, tackling themes such as discrimination and police abuse. And it is catchy as hell.


So, fellow audioheads, that’s been it for this list. Hope you enjoyed the tunes.

Until next time, get some new beats into that head of yours šŸ˜‰ .


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