Winter is still upon us, outside is dark and cold; so let’s get warm with some good loud tunes in our ears. This time, the playlist goes from the melancholic snowflake, to the the blistering blizzard. And just like the beginning of the year, it’s a transition. A bit of new, a bit of old. Reinvented for the future. Let’s dive in.Continue reading


It’s the 100th post anniversary. Yes, that is right, ladies and gentlemen, I wrote 100 posts since I started this thing! Is that a lot? Is that too little? Well, it’s as much as I could do up until now. So, what better way to celebrate a new milestone than with some good music?!

It’s autumn, so we’re gonna go a bit dark on this one. A bit cold. A bit neon. We’re going to indulge in some of the best songs I picked up since I last published such an article. Let’s jump right in it.

Reality off. Music on.

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It’s  summer again and I just got a few tunes to keep you cool this time around. And I’m willing to share.

Old and new, just like the faces you see when you’re strolling down the beach, with a beer in your hand. So, get that sand off you and prepare your water resistant headsets ’cause here we go:Continue reading

So I’ve decided to continue my musical adventures on Pixelozoid in English. You’re probably wondering why I switched to this language. (It was going so good, Paul, why, why?!).

Well, the short answer is because of those damn video reviews I’ve been putting out recently. I wanted this blog to be enjoyed in full by all and, of course, it is said that my brain thinks in English. So here we are…English text for my gents and lovely ladies.

If you don’t know yet what this series is about, the RO counterpart was called “Muzica auzita pe ici pe colo” and you can find all the entries here. I’ve gathered quite a few tunes along the way, you should totally check it out 🙂 .

But that’s not why you’re here, are you? So let’s dive right to it. Here are a few of the latest songs that shine good vibes onto my ears each day and that I want to share with the world. Because…they just sound so good:

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Vara asta invingem caldura cu muzica buna, combatem toropeala cu sound-uri ritmate si ne racorim cu un vibe fresh direct din difuzoare sau casti.

Dupa acest intro demn de Facultatea de Marketing, Bucuresti, promotia 2006 (it’s been soo long), va propun sa ne oprim urechile asupra urmatoarelor melodii, dadatoare de senzatii care mai de care mai rafinate. Sa inceapa auditia!Continue reading

Fiindca e Paste, putin concediu si toata lumea e plecata, am dat-o tare pe muzica lately. Gatit cu muzica, mancat cu muzica, mers pe jos cu muzica, stat pe net cu muzica. Scris…pe blog cu muzica 😀 .

Si ce sa vezi? E super fun sa faci o salata dand din membre, sa agiti mielul pe diverse beaturi sau sa stai pe net si sa dai din cap in timp ce melodiile tale preferate iti canta in urechi. Free, liberating fun.

Asa ca, azi, in ajun de Paste, sa ne “batzaim” cu o noua runda de recomandari muzicale. Melodii auzite pe ici pe colo, partea a treia:Continue reading