There are disjoint thoughts lodged in my brain. I try to enter the glass forest, but the trees keep breaking underneath my hands. I can’t feel them anymore. There is no life in my roots. It’s just transformed sand, back into the ground where it originally came from.

And now, in this hour of need, my double, my doppelganger speaks to me. Whispering as the cold winter wind in my ear:

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Police report, 02.11.2015, 04:06 AM

Victim: Male, Caucasian, 1.82m

Name: John Smith

Relatives: Mary Smith, wife; Simon Smith, son

Time of death: 02.11.2015, 03:47 AM

Cause of death: severe internal bleeding caused by impact with the ground

Observations: victim jumped from the 13th floor of the State Hospital


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“John was a mental patient at Graham Institute for almost 10 years of his adult life. He used to suffer bad cases of depression, accompanied with severe schizophrenia. He had no friends to visit him, his family was afraid of what he might do so they kept him isolated. He was all alone. A human being that lost its way.

That’s when we, at the SOMA Corporation stepped in and offered John another chance. Meet the V-Chip, version 1.0! Made out of thin silicon and measuring only one inch, this small device solved all of John’s affections. Implanted in his brain, the V-Chip gave John a new life: no more mental disorders, a steady job at a well known company and enough money to buy a new home and car. All that with our 1 hour money-back guarantee and simple neurological implant!

So why give in disease and illness? Get your own V-Chip today! Call one of our….”

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