Did I find clarity or did it actually find me? I still struggle with getting an answer for this even today. It’s puzzling how some things in life just come alive in your head. Either way, with it came conviction; and courage. That’s why I haven’t been here in a while. Why I haven’t been in my cave, safely, writing.

With this new sight, I decided to take a little stroll in the big outdoors. Get the blood pumping. Try something else for a change.Continue reading

If you would take the long, rocky Jackson Road, past St. Mary Hospital and make a left at St. Victus Church, you’d reach the slums. The dark, dirty slums of Meadow city.

In these very slums, a boy named George was born on January 2nd 1945. He had a rough life, this one. His father died in a horrible tram accident when the boy was young. Police says it was a freak occurrence and that they pity everyone who took part in such an event. Yet, they never found the reason for why it happened.Continue reading

It’s been more than one year since I wrote a post like this. And now I’m late at my own birthday. Damn! Lazy bones.

More than 365 days passed since I promised you and myself that I would write a clearer truth. That 28 would bring with it a better view on what I call my life and the life of others.

To be completely honest, I really didn’t believe in this promise. I just did it because it sounded good in my mind when I wrote it. But like the self proclaimed antihero of a standard B movie, I decided to keep it anyway. So here I am. Dropping the pretense of fancy wording. Making the text sound a bit clearer. A bit more structured and readable. Less of an enigma.Continue reading

I’ve got this code that I’m debugging for a while now. I’m not sure what’s it causing it to fail, but each time I execute it, all scripts run smoothly until a certain point. And then…they break into a complete and utter mess. My screen gets flooded with errors, my logs fill with bad requests. What did I do wrong? Where did I make  the fatal mistake that lead me to this point?

To get the answer to my problem, I need to understand it first. I need to unravel its secrets. I need to become the bug.

Continue reading

There’s a stillness in the air in such days. I feel it. I think he feels it too. We’re both sitting on a patch of grass, right off the main road. There’s a small puddle right beside me with some geese in it. They bathe happily in the cold water, shaking off the dust gathered on their feathers.Continue reading

There’s a fire burning. Consuming his eyes and his soul.

There’s a scream held up tight in his throat. Too afraid to come out in full force. Scared that it might actually hurt someone. That it might actually do the damage he thinks of doing. At night. At midday. When the sun rises and dawns.Continue reading


I need to write. I don’t know about what. I don’t have a clear idea yet. But something inside me tells me I need to move. I need to go. I need to type.

Because there’s so little time to find the right thoughts. And not get lost inside your mind. Afraid to open up. To articulate.Continue reading

I lost a bit of humanity today. I felt it. It’s like losing your chain of thoughts and finding yourself lost in a vast place, filled with people you don’t know. Swollen. And a bit sad. But most of all, uneasy. Agitated.

I question myself because of this, even though humanity is not lost fully through oneself, but through others as well. Will I become numb? Even before my earthly departure? Or will I conquer this mountain?Continue reading