Broforce Review


BroForce is a 2D side-scroller and platformer developed by Free Lives studio and published by Devolver Digital, which you might know from a certain top down pixelated game called Hotline Miami.

BroForce doesn’t have a story or any sense whatsoever. It’s just frantic, mindless fun that’s best enjoyed with other friends in couch coop or online connection. Rules are simple: the world’s in danger so you, the BroForce team need to save it.

Broforce Helicopter

Boom, headshot!

You start on the left side of the map and you need to make your way to the finish, on the right side by obliterating anything that you find in your path. The environment is highly volatile and flammable, enemies are plenty and they burst into small bits at the gentle touch of your bullets and rockets and you’ve got a mixed party to save and handle along the way.

Because yes, the main highlight of this game is the BroForce members. Each mission you get to save a number of prisoners from the clutches of the enemies. These become your playable characters in the BroForce unit. At first you start with Rambo…aham…I mean Rambro and from there you build your roster by saving iconic characters such as Brobocop, Indiana Brones, Brochete, Bro Hard or Bro in Black. The list goes on and on and it’s really fun discovering all the bros in your game while blowing shit up.

And while I am currently struggling to bro my way through a sort of Vietnam type of scenery, the launch trailer of this game features animated references to the Alien franchise and Rippley, who is considered a fully featured bro as well.

Broforce Alien

Get away from her, you bitch!

Also hell. Seems your bros go to hell. To kill Satan.

The style of the game is bloody, pixelated mayhem. Even though at first it seems easy to gun your way through everything until you reach the finish line, things can go south really fast. It’s enough to hit a canister of highly volatile substances and “Kansas goes bye bye, Dorothy!”.

That’s why you really need to think things through and plan a bit before plunging into action, guns blazing.

With fully destructible environments, new periodical bros coming and 4 player co-op, this game is exactly what you need after a hard day’s work. Beer, testosterone, your bros and non-stop pumping action.

Broforce destruction

Kill all humans!

And while I’m fully aware this game is very similar to Metal Slug at the point of copy and paste, you gotta admit the simple idea of mashing together main characters from movies like Rambo, Die Hard, The Matrix, Robocop and Predator wins epically over any troll or mean comment about the game’s originality.

Plus, you can actually play part of it for free via browser at website.

BroForce is a crazy, fun game that brings bros together for the ultimate destruction of evil. It’s intense, it’s random and it keeps you pumped with adrenaline until the final scene of each level when you “ascend to Valhala” into a blaze of fire and explosions. Good job, bro, good job!


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